6 Ways to Make Money With Solo

Make money with solo. the first question that probably came to your mind when you saw the headline about how to make money with advertising alone was: “Are they still working?” I can give you a definitive answer on that. Yes. Ads only work.

Think of the different types of emails that you see in your inbox every day. Did someone offer you a solution for your business, your personal life or your home today by email? Those are just ads. At best, they can attract more traffic to websites and give network marketers the opportunity to make a sale.

1) Write ads that solve a problem.

This is a common mistake that network marketers commit. Instead of writing the ad to capture the attention of their customers when solving a problem, they constantly launch their products and online businesses. What forces people to click to see more? Probably not going to be a great logo or the product itself. Clicks occur when your ad resolves a problem that the reader has. Ask yourself these questions to make sure you can make money with solo ads:

– What does my niche need?
-How will you feel today (consider relevant, current events)?
– What information can I give that helps them?

2) Includes an offer that can not be rejected.

Set a deadline to click on the ad; Tell them what they will receive in exchange for their prompt attention to something they have already decided they want.

3) Be smart about using Ezines.

This advice goes back to my first point regarding the importance of personalizing your message for your niche market. If you choose to use electronic publications to show your ad, choose one that contains content that is directed to your audience. If you are selling mystical herbal remedies, you may not want to place them in an electronic publication with the latest high-tech devices (not that techies like natural products).

The same comments apply to representatives who promote their business opportunity. Always run your ads on bulletin boards that have a network marketing/home business approach. Other factors to consider:

– What is the electronic publishing rate (sellers sometimes forget the rates vary)?
– How big is the publisher’s email list?
– How often are emails sent?
– What is the size of the ezine market and how receptive is it?
– Will my ad be an ad alone or will it be semi-alone?

TIP: If readers of the electronic publication are receptive in the smaller market but do not respond in the larger market, weigh the benefits and costs of using one over the other. As for including your marketing piece with other pieces, it’s up to you. However, including yours as a semi-ad could only decrease the effectiveness of your message.

4) Write in a conversational style

The best advertising pieces are read as if they were a conversation with a good friend or a loyal customer. If it’s perfect, people will come in half before realizing what it is. And by the time they realize it’s marketing, they will not mind because they’ve been given something useful.

Statistics also show that single third-person ads have more resonance among readers than “first-person” ads “MLM Guru says this is effective” versus, I think this is effective.

5) Maximize the click.

Once people click on your ad, make sure they go to a compression page, (it sounds ruthless, I know) to make sure you have a way to get your contact information. Also make sure you have a tracking system (Clickmagick) to control how many clicks and clues you get from your solo ad. Finally, be sure to consistently monitor the writing style and the language you use for the headlines so you can determine what works and what does not. Monitoring is KEY!

6) If it has not been broken, do not fix it.

The last tip on how to make money with solo ads is this: if you have found a great ad format that works, stay with it. You can not get too much of the right thing. Just remember that you can not know what works if you do not monitor the responses to your various individual advertising campaigns.

Making money with individual ads is not easy, and there is a lot of information about what works and what does not. But I hope these strategies do pennies!

There are thousands of electronic publications that can make it very confusing for the newbie who is trying to find a proven and true way to make money with solo ads. Accessing a trusted review site can save you a lot of time and frustration.