Today, in a bid to clear the murky waters of solo advertisement, we shall cast our microscopic eye at one of the most effective forms of advertisement that is perhaps not getting its fair share of recognition. Am talking about Ezine advertising; a straight to the point witty marketing email newsletter that has enjoyed considerable success in recent times. However, a lot of people have found this particular means of advertisement challenging not because it’s hard, oh no. But because they simply do not know how to do it right. And what exactly is the right way? Well, here are a couple of pointers on how to better your ezine and solo marketing skills at large.

1)Testimonials are key

Real testimonials are often an untapped potent source of sheer marketing power that if you incorporate into your solo ads can plunge your website traffic into new heights of success. Therefore, do not just sit on your laurels as genuine testimonials waste away on your website, instead let your advertisement hinge upon these testimonials because they are your best bet at winning over clients and building a relationship for the long haul. 

As of now, the vast reaches of the interwebs are amassed with countless spammy ads that are not any good and quite frankly, are pure garbage. Your ad, therefore, needs to have that X-factor, that unique aspect that makes it stand out even in the midst of this endless sea of crappy advertisements. And the answer to this question rests yet again with testimonials. 

2) Don’t push too hard

No one likes a nagging sales pitch-like advertisement so be sure not to overdo the marketing lest you scare off potential clients. To strike the right balance between too much and too little, go for that presell approach synonymous with preselling articles where you outline a particular problem and present your product as a solution to that problem. 

Testimonials have also proved a highly effective technique in this presell strategy because they rack in many conversions and also provide an excellent platform to put your point across without seeming to “salesy”. In fact, you could even make them the subject line that spearheads the entire content.

3) Let your ad speak to the client

Adopt a conversational tone i.e. address the person on the other end of your advert as if he/she were right there with them. That way you are able to make the advertisement more personal and relatable. So how do you know if your ad is conversational enough? Well, for starters, grow a penchant for the “You” kind of writing. Also, stay off the slang as you don’t want to seem unprofessional but don’t be too uptight either. 

4) Testing is key as well

How do you know you’re doing ezine advertisement just right? Well by literally putting it into actual practice in a real setting. Come up with a few ezine adverts, say four or five, and then implement each in an individual ezine and take note of the feedback that each garners. After which, separate the wheat from the chaff by isolating those that earned the most attention via click backs to your website. Afterwards, put the successful ones through the wringer by placing them on a variety of ezines to paint a clearer picture of their effectiveness. At the end of the entire exercise, you will have your pick of the bunch; the one that works the best. 

5) You need to get your formatting right

Even the most delicious meal in the world is only as good as its presentation, and more often than not, people will opt for a more visually appealing but not so delicious meal over a finger licking dish that looks like dirt. And the same applies to Ezine and solo advertisement at large; you can say all the right words but the wrong formatting means it’ll all be for nothing.

So don’t be too wordy, go straight to the point and use short sentence and paragraph structures so that those who are hard-pressed for time can quickly skim through the ad and straight away know what it’s all about. Also, model the advertisement as you would any other informative article as opposed to a head on sales ad. Just touch on the basics and request your readers to visit your website for more information. You are bound to be a lot more effective this way.

Final Verdict
Well, there you have it folks, all the little tips and tricks that will make your ezine and solo advertisement journey seem like a walk in the park. Keep them close to your chest and abide by these simple strategies and you’ll notice a remarkable improvement in your solo ads campaign.

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