It might be the fact that you intend to earn bitcoin online and in that case you will find this article helpful to you. As a matter of fact, no central issuing agency controls Bitcoin. The first peer to peer crypto-currency in this world apart from being an open source protocol. Which is followed by individuals participating in the economy.

It is not possible for anyone to manipulate the supply of Bitcoins and a procedure known as Bitcoin mining is responsible for cryptographically verifying all the transactions taking place in this economy. Your Bitcoins are as protected as the public key cryptography ought to be. 

The subsequent logical query that will arise after comprehending and appreciating the concept of Bitcoin is how. It will be possible for you to earn Bitcoin online free. Below we have provided you with

some ideas – 

Convert cash to Bitcoin after earning it online :

It might seem quite surprising but it is a fact that you will still find it much easy to earn US Dollars. In case you do not stay in the US. These dollars can be exchanged for Bitcoin at any exchange like Coinbase or Bitstamp. 

Earn Bitcoin Online in the Bitcoin economy directly: 

You will come across a very small yet vibrant community. Where it is possible to perform the majority of the tasks although at a much-reduced scale. For example, a part-time job can be taken up by you for Bitcoin on Coinality or you may also opt for a smaller gig on Coingig. Although these are similar to sites such as Fiverr and Elance, they are very much in the Bitcoin ecosystem. 


It is hardly surprising that the marketing industry within the Bitcoin economy is quite powerful. The reason for this is that there are plenty of brand-new Bitcoin based services. Which are emerging constantly and require a decent marketing network. 

It will be possible for you to place advertisements closely replicating those of Google AdSense on your own site as well as other services such as Bitads. And in this way the advertisers will be able to use your personal blog to bid for banner space.

You will likewise come across a-ads which will enable you to make revenues by means of ad impressions without referring to the clicks. Which implies that it is not PPC. You will be able to earn bitcoin online using this method in case you are not a publisher – webmaster or even blogger

Going Social:

You will come across several sites on the web where you will be paid for your activity. Probably, the best among them happens to be CoinChat where the users can simply chat for earning some milli-Bitcoins. An algorithm which takes into consideration your action as well as your contribution to the available discussions is going to control all these activities. 

Yet another method in which many Bitcoin buffs are able to earn a few Bitcoins will be by marketing their forum signatures at the Bitcointalk forums.

Quite a few advertisers have the intention of doing this and selling signatures could prove to be profitable for any socially active member. That values communication by means of this forum. It happens to be the identical forum through which Bitcoin was introduced to the world by Satoshi Nakamoto. 

What are the other methods by which you can earn Bitcoin online on the web? 

In case you’re looking for the top Bitcoin websites, go through my Best Bitcoin Sites guideline which will assist you to navigate this space much better. Visit BTC Geek if you’d like to get some more info.

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