Digital marketing is marketing strategy to promote business online for brand awareness and business development.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is marketing strategy to promote business online for brand awareness and business development.

benefit of digital marketing for me right so we will see that and also in a brief view I am going to also explain about the concept of digital marketing strategies what are the different strategies we have so let’s begin our topic of what is in the digital marketing now the basic idea of strategy or it is a marketing process where we want to reach the target audience we want to reach to those audience who are using online as their medium online as the source of information and why we do digital marketing here very simple.

It’s a marketing strategy to connect with our customers connect with our users so that our company can do brand awareness.

That is we can create awareness about our product or our service and number two is we want to do we want to increase the business of the client now let me explain you innovate the example.

So you can understand both the factors of digital marketing now let’s see what is brand awareness for example if you just consider like a company like Apple right they have launched a new version of the phone say for example Apple 10 they have launched one phone called as Apple 10 right.

The first thing they want to do is they want to spread the message across all the channels. So that people should know what are the features it has and they will do a heavy branding in fact if you see on a YouTube they will be running lot of ads that is basically a brand awareness meaning the new product awareness among the people now what is business development or we can also call it as lead generation and sales.

Where our focus will be more on the targeted audience We will not target everyone in that situation in the business development point of view want to focus on our target users and target audience so in short let us summarize the digital marketing definition in a very simple way.

digital marketing is the process a method by which attract the customers to our website or to our app or our business and we will do a brand awareness at least.

Why should use digital marketing?

We will do the lead generation and business development with the help of digital marketing that is a basic definition of digital marketing now the question will arise why should I do it is really important one company or client will come to you and say so already we are doing traditional marketing we are investing some XYZ amount in television ads, advertising on paper media, we are advertising on let’s take Radio media, etcetera so why should use it why the useful marketing is important for me.

now here I have pointed out few things which will define that the question the lot of clients will be there who will be in a you know a question mark they will say why should I use it why what is the reason so for them I have created a simple you know points which if you explain to the client then easily they will so

Convince there will be convinced that yes this marketing is going to be a very important factor for their business.

what are those points are there are five pointers collected I will go through each of this pointer in detail let me just explain, you the pointers briefly in the first point now so first option is the reach what is reach means the number of people who can move home weekends our ads or show our marketing or reach with our marketing is called as a reach number two targeting in the sense how well I can able to focus on my target audience am I reaching my target audience effectively a migrating to my target audience in a perfect manner in a perfect way what he wants am I giving him the same thing.

Digital marketing strategies.

marketing strategies the customer can directly call or send SMS especially, with Google AdWords, that option will be there and finally.

actually the customer can purchase this product even what I am actually selling anyone can actually buy the product online so this is amazing engagement and one amazing part I will tell you all these are measurable, almost all of these are measurable if I invest say for example $100k I can calculate how much benefits I am getting from it what is the result I am getting from it how many impressions how many clicks how many shares how many likes how many people bought the product everything I can able to calculate and measure that is also a great way of analyzing.

this is the factor of a digital marketing and coming to the last factor but every client and every company want this factor only they will say tell us

What is the ROI of.

you think about a company who is investing five lakh rupees for one day let’s see what is there or why there is no guarantee we can’t say that this is the exact we’ll pretend they get we can try but in digital marketing at least we have some measurable methods, or past data so we can expect certain results based on what we have got in the past right. Factor about digital marketing is it will be always a high return game example if you do SEO right.

We are on the top position in search engine optimization for various keywords of our business now see that’s very high written keywords for us.

Why because anyone who search is interested and we are not investing any direct money in our SEO efforts we are doing article writing we are doing other efforts but mostly work depending on say for example YouTube marketing. We are investing our time and effort to create the video, but I’m not investing any specific amount on the video that is nothing but whatever, I am going to get in return from this efforts that is a very high written over investment for other companies also the same thing will work next we can also use target oriented now see instead of you know randomly doing marketing on different channels.

I can take for example we recently for one of my clients, started an Instagram campaign targeting a specific theme I started in a campaign and I was expecting this many.

we were should reach and this was should be the result and we have able to achieve that we can set targets and can execute based on targets.

Number three we can measure it that’s a great thing we can measure so we can show at the end of the day that this is the and we have got results with digital marketing factors which I would say that definitely will convince any user and any company that yes it has to be definitely used in our marketing channels.

that we can get the best possible return over investment and also the lowest cost we can invest on marketing the basic idea now coming to, how we will do digital marketing.

What are the strategies

as I said this is a brief I will explain so first of all digital marketing we need basically a website or we can also do it with the app as well either we have a website or have a app that’s the first requirement number two digital marketing can be done with the help of SEO search engine optimization is the part of digital marketing strategy then we have paid advertising and paid advertising we will discuss further in the next article regarding the google adwords as google ads not change to Google ads and also being ads we will also discuss we can also use social media marketing we can use mobile marketing can use email marketing and also web analytics, I told you in the end we can measure this web analytics is the complete measurement tool.